SAM Features - Wireless Mailbox Alert System

Notification on your smartphone


SAM is a wireless mailbox alert system. When mail is delivered to your mailbox, SAM's transmitter, which is mounted inside your mailbox, sends a signal to the SAM receiver in your home. The receiver uses your home WiFi to send a notification to your smartphone that mail arrived. 

Visual notifications


When mail arrives, the mail indicator envelope symbol on the SAM receiver switches from green to blue and begins glowing. Once you retrieve your mail from the mailbox, you simply tap on the mail symbol which resets SAM for the next cycle. Of course you can also use the SAM app to reset the mail indicator.

Notifications by playing your favorite song


In addition to visual notifications, SAM can also play one of the built-sounds letting you know mail arrived. Alternatively, you can plug-in a USB stick or SD card with your favorite MP3 for a truly custom and fun notification!

SAM - technical details


  •  Range:  ≈ 150 ft in most installations.* 
  • Compatible with 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) network.**
  • TX Battery:  3V Li-Ion Cell CR2032
  • RX Power:  5V DC
  • Inputs:  USB and SD Card for playback of custom MP3s
  • Operating systems supported:  Android and iOS
  • Patent 10,297,133

*Range may vary depending on the number and/or type of obstacles between the transmitter and receiver. 

**At this time, SAM is not compatible with 5 GHz WiFi networks. 

 Please follow installations instructions and carefully check your home layout in order to maximize the reception range and ensure WiFi compatibility.

Download the SAM App!

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